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Home Projects Climate Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Rice-SDP
September 14, 2020 13.47k

Climate Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Rice-SDP

Under the concessional loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Climate resilient rice Commercialization Sector Development Program aims to improve food security and rice export policies. The project also supports rice drying facility and warehouse, irrigation restoration, seed breeding technique and Climate change rice adaptation, specially is easy to produce and store in good qualities for export, have market, get high income and reduce poverty to a large extent, particularly contributes to stabilizing rice price for farmers and promoting rice export align with policy of the Royal Government. The project has total amount of 10 million USD to implement in 3 target provinces including Kompong Thom, Battambang and Prey Veng Province. Under the implementation, ARDB plays a vital role in reviewing and evaluating rice miller. This financing supporting the development of rice warehouse and drying facility is made in public-private partnership between the Rice-SDP project implementation unit of Ministry Economy and Finance, Agricultural and Rural Development Bank and rice miller.

Please remark that His Excellency KAO Thach, Royal Government Delegate in charge of CEO of ARDB, signed tripartite agreement between Rice-SDP Project implementation Unit of Ministry Economy and Finance, Agricultural and Rural Development Bank and Lim HengLeap rice miller on 10 October, 2019 for the construction project of rice warehouse and drying facility in Kompong Thom Province, and signed tripartite with Sun Heng rice miller in the afternoon of 1 November,2019 for the construction of rice warehouse and rice drying facility in Battambang Province.

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